Clean the air you breathe

Just a reminder to use those wonderful essential oils this Time of year for warding off bacteria and viruses.

Diffuse eucalyptus oil to cleanse your house, room, office or where needed. This helps with the spread of those icky germs floating around.

Tea Tree is also another great oil to fight the seasonal flus. Make a spray with Tea Tree and distilled water and spray counters, door knobs etc. Hope this finds you well!

Be well by Kimberly


Happy Hippy Days

Hello Herbies,                                       thFJPCS2BV

I’m Kimberly and this is my very first blog. I hope to use this to both learn and teach about herbalism and permanent makeup. The holidays are coming up and I am most definitely excited about learning more about all the familiar plants we’ve all come to know and love. Where did the names come from? What are they used for?

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my very first post and please give me a look! Happy Hippy Days!